a little bit about “Birds of Passage” – pre-production.

We’re using simple yet beautiful theater elements–movement, music, storytelling, large swaths of fabric–to tell a story about immigrant sea crossings. There are so many personal accounts of what was left behind and what a new life in a new land was like for these people so many years ago. But few narratives remain of what it was like aboard a ship at that time. It is easy to find an account of the mundane particulars: supplies, duration, disease, hardship. But one can only speculate about the emotional resolve it would take a human being to undertake such a risk. To leave everything behind, step out into the disorienting world of the sea, understanding that your safe arrival was not in any way guaranteed. Exploring those sacrifices and that drive is what we’re doing. We are finding the tipping point between doubt and hope, the juxtaposition of a visual horizon you cannot perceive yet living in conditions where one can hardly move, and the reasons a person would have to make such an arduous journey.